Osaka Station City Regarding special treatment

Limit of special treatment: Until March 31, 2018

Dining Coupons

Just show the coupon at restaurants inside Osaka Station City!
Enjoy delicious food at a discount!

There are also many other recommended shops!

Shopping Coupons

Show the coupon when shopping for a maximum ○○% off!
Get that item that you wanted at a special price!

There are also many other recommended shops!

Regarding coupon use

Just show the coupon at restaurants inside Osaka Station City!
Enjoy discounted shopping and dining!

  1. 1Tap a store you’re interested in

  2. 2Tap the “Use the coupon” button

  3. 3Show the screen to shop staff

  • ●Be sure to show the coupon before payment.
    • ・For use at restaurants, show the coupon when ordering.
    • ・For use at stores, show the coupon at the checkout.
    • Note: You will not be able to receive special treatment if you show the coupon after paying.
  • ●This special treatment service does not apply to some items.
    Also, it cannot be used in combination with other services.

For inquiries regarding these coupons, please contact Osaka Station City.

●For inquiries about stores
Osaka Station City 3F Information Desk


Going to JR Osaka Station

Take the Kansai-Airport Express “Haruka” from Kansai International Airport to Shin-Osaka Station (journey time approximately 50 minutes), change to a local train, to reach Osaka Station in approximately 4 minutes

This shopping and entertainment complex is one of the biggest in West Japan! And it also is conveniently linked directly to JR Osaka Station! It has everything from department stores and specialty shops to restaurants so you can indulge in shopping, trendy fashion and dining, all in one location. Indeed, It has nine "city center oasis" plazas ready to welcome you. At the South Gate Plaza, the "Water Clock" welcomes you to this must-see hotspot!